Saturday, August 30, 2008

International Siggy Swap - Shenny Valks

I had pretty much given up on ever seeing this siggy. I think I sent my siggy off to Shenny in Curacao in early July. As time passed, I figured it must have gotten lost because I never heard from her. I didn't worry about it too much, except to regret forgetting to put 1st Class International Air Mail on the envelope - I thought perhaps that was the problem. When this turned up in the mail yesterday, I had to double check my list to see if it was from the same person in Curacao that I had sent one to. Anyway, it's a very nice siggy, from a very exotic local. Curacao is an island in the Netherland Antilles ABC islands, which include Aruba, Bonnaire and Curacao. I believe they are also known as the Leeward Islands because they rarely get troubled by hurricanes.

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