Monday, August 25, 2008

International Siggy Swap - Helen Clark

I got an email from Helen Clark in Michigan last week asking if I would like to swap siggies. Sure! I replied. Glad I did because I got this hand-embroidered gem in the mail from her a few days later. I just love the embroidered ones; I'm always impressed with the significant amount of work that some people put in to making just one siggy. It came with a lovely hand-written letter too, which is always a bonus. I googled-mapped Helen's address and I could see her exact house! (I just love technology sometimes.) Helen lives in a lovely rural area of the Lower Peninsula with her children nearby. I was very surprised when she wrote that she is 84 years old. I hope I am both as techno-savvy and as good with the needle as she is when I get there in 37 years.

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