Sunday, February 22, 2009

Country Chain and Knot Quilt - Down to Four Rows

Well, the end is in sight. From 879 pieces, I've got it down to just four big ones! All I have left to do is press the four rows, pin them together, then stitch them up. I can't wait until it's all sandwiched up and ready to stipple. This will be by far the largest quilt I've ever tried to stipple on my Bernina; I hope it doesn't give me too much trouble.

At least is looks like I got all the red chains going in the right direction, though I did have to undo the seam between two blocks because the sash and cornerstone were both 1/4 inch too wide. Now how on earth did that happen?


Nanci said...

I just finished a little piece and all the squares lined up and when I was sewing the last was off by 1/2". what happened is the gremlins got to the square I suppose.
I love stippling. I'm off to do that today too. You will have a lot of manoeuvering to do so large a quilt through the machine. I love the top.

Jean M. said...

What a great job.... The quilt went together quick... Keep up the great job... Jean M :)

Staying In Touch said...

Beautiful quilt, very creative.

Joy said...

I love this quilt! Sew Pretty!!