Saturday, February 21, 2009

Larry's Leatherwork

After I saw the quilt that Joy Denise made for her friend's, Milton's, 20th year of sobriety, I had to show off my husband's leather working skill. Larry used the AA logo as a basis for the design of this leather book cover for his "Big Book". Larry is very active in AA; his sponsor has a whole posse of men that meet several times a week. His Big Book goes everywhere with him, and really takes a beating; fortunately he made the cover virtually indestructible.
He has made these book covers for several of his AA buddies, and his leather working skills keep improving. I think he'll always have the worst one - lol. He personalizes each back flap with the name, local AA group and AA birthday (as opposed to their BB or "belly button" birth date.) Larry's leather work is good, but his sobriety is FANTASTIC!!! As you can see, he has 4+ years of sobriety, one day at a time. 8)


Barb said...

That is amazing work...he sounds like you, very talented and very giving.

Joy said...

Oh Wow! Larry's work is just beautiful! I absolutely love the way he tooled the symbol, and what a personal, intimate touch is the birthday notation inside.

And Larry rocks! 4+ years! High fives, hugs, prayers and many, many more birthdays, one day at a time!! Thank you so much for posting this!