Friday, July 24, 2015

Dear Jane C-6 Ashley's Aura Progress to Completion

Ashley's Aura seemed like it would be simple enough to applique. So, instead of dealing with all those curved seams, so I did it that way. Except for getting the melons sized correctly and placing them just right, this was not a difficult block.

I basted the pattern down to assist with placement, just like I did for Eye of the Cyclone.  It only takes a very few minutes to baste down the paper, and you make up the time later because everything comes together so smoothly.  I had very little excess of this batik, so I had to be careful with placement; basting helps with that too.

After basting down the pattern, I basted down the melons.  This was where I learned that some (most) of my prepared melons were a bit too large due to poor ironing at the points.  I corrected the points as well as I could, then basted the melons in place.  The actual applique was a breeze after all this preparation.

This is by far the most intensely colored Dear Jane block I have made.  It really stands out in its place on the design wall.  Some of the other fabrics in my batik stash are almost this bright; I will have to make sure to use plenty of them so Ashley's Aura does not become known as Ashley's Angry Aura!


Barb said...

That is smart..... I have always wanted to do one of these quilts....I will just put it on my list.

margaret said...

this has worked very well and the batik fabric is very nice too