Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Terrific Stash Enhancement Experience ;)

I mentioned on Monday that I did a little shopping at my favorite quilt stores in Chicago and Wisconsin.  There are five stores that I always try to get to and really enjoy.  The amount of stuff purchased surprised me when it was all neatly laid out.
Quilt Store Bounty
The three stores in Wisconsin were all participating in the "Row by Row" experience.  I picked up all three free patterns - they were really cute; I just love the little fishies!
"Row By Row" - Free Patterns
There were no batiks at all in the scrap bin at My Favorite Quilt Shop in Green Bay this trip; however, I was able to stock up on lots and lots of wonderful neutrals at $4 per pound.  My stash had very few neutrals before, now it abounds with them.
Scrap Bin Bounty
I saw these attachments at the Sewing Basket in Plymouth, Wisconsin.  For $20 they convert an ordinary vacuum cleaner into a sewing machine cleaning powerhouse.  I plan to use these attachments instead of the canned air I have used in the past. Apparently canned air pushes dust ever more deeply into the crevices of your machine.  Who knew?
Handy Vacuum Attachments
The main thing I was searching for this trip was mid-range yellow batiks, which, let me tell you, are difficult commodity to come by. The only store that had a nice selection of medium range yellows was in the western suburb of Willowbrook, IL.  I bought quarter yards of each of these yummy yellows.

I also found these three cute black fat quarters for my leaders and enders project in the bargain bin at My Favorite Quilt Shop in Green Bay; - there are always black fat quarters in the bargain bin.
Stash Additions #1
I bought some clear vinyl for some projects that currently exist only in my head.  I have not seen much clear vinyl at the local quilt shops here in Fort Worth, so I thought I had better stock up at Fabrics Etc. in Bensenville, IL.
Clear Vinyl
This was the first time I ever saw one of Jacqueline de Jonge's drool-worthy "Be Colourful" patterns in real life, and I was unable to resist its siren song.  This wonder is currently queued up behind my Dear Jane in the rotation.  (Apparently it is true, I am definitely planning to live forever. lol)  See, I have designed things in Electric Quilt that I have no idea how to begin constructing.  If I can learn how to put this puzzle together, then I figure the sky is the limit.  
Challenging Quilt Pattern from
Quilting Divas, which is very close to my Mother's home on the west side of Green Bay, had this cute panel.  When you sew the parts together it forms a tree.  I thought it was a cool idea, and would force me to keep it simple by design.  Divas also had a terrific selection of batiks, though very few yellows.  I had to satisfy myself with these lovelies instead.
Stash Additions #2
I got this cool cupcake fabric panel from Fabrics Etc. too.  One of these days I'm going to keep a panel quilt in the rotation until they're all done... maybe.
Fun Panels
I am such a sucker for batiks.  I do not even remember which stash addition came from which store.  They are all so beautiful!
Stash Additions #3
I have enough batiks for about four Dear Janes, but I just adore working with them.  I can see myself making multiple (hopefully simpler) batik quilts after Jane is completed, just so I get to keep playing with them.

Stash Additions #4
And finally, the last stash addition, from one of the five stores.  I really love them all, but the red below (and the red and blue just above) are really spectacular.
Stash Additions #5
By keeping to quarter yard cuts of each batik I was able to acquire lots of lovely new fabrics for Jane without breaking the bank.  It wasn't until the last shop, where I became bewitched by the five part "Be Colorful" pattern, that the bank got a bit bent.  lol  I'll have to be very frugal for the rest of the year.  :)


margaret said...

some wonderful buys you have, wow the be colourful pattern looks impossible to me, will love following your journey so hurry up and finish Dear Jane!
Envious of your neutrals I too need some in my stash but only dream o f fabric at$4 here the cheapest fabric I have seen is £4.50 and that is cotton poplin which I have been buying but have now been told it is not really for quilting, shame I will still use it as I have rather a lot

margaret said...

meant to mention the sewing machine cleaning attachment what a great idea will be interesting to hear how it does.

Mary said...

Susan, what fun. You were not terribly far from where I live. I have not been to these two shows this year yet for the Row by Row. Sounds like you had a very nice time on your trip to Green Bay. Love checking out quilt shops in other cities and states. You picked up some fun things.

Winnie Gilbert said...

You should look int a Patriot hybrid Clean air system, This meets and exceeds most standards. As with the other vacuums if the filter but dont clean what good are they.