Sunday, July 19, 2015

Six on Sunday - Week 10

This week Susan culled a laundry basket full of stuff from the shelves in her closet.

Items pulled from Susan's closet
From this bounteous haul, she consolidated a box of little items, and a bag of medium sized things.  Plus a basket and bath scrubber, some fancy soap, and an exercise monitor.

Small and Medium Toiletries, Basket and Scrubber, Soap, Body Bugg - 5.5 pounds
Not finding much in my closet to eliminate at this time, I moved on to my drawers in the dresser, where I found a clothesbrush, a collection of orphan pocket squares (I no longer have the matching ties), some brown socks (which I rarely wear anymore), and three organizers (of which I have more useful ones).

Clothesbursh, Orphan Pocket Squares, Socks, Organizers - 1.5 pounds
Not a lot of weight this week, but Susan's closet shelves have gained a lot of tidiness.  


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