Monday, July 27, 2015

Grand Illusion - the Block Building continues

Back to Grand Illusion agan:  I have been broken up the construction of the Grand Illusion blocks into manageable sections.  In the last GI post, I put together the center strip.  This time I did the top of the blocks.  Of course, the tops and bottoms of the GI blocks are identical, so I was able to make up ten blocks and five half blocks on the design wall.  The rest of the strips are just grouped in a jumble below the blocks.

I will spend another session putting together the lower strips of the block, and then another session assembling the blocks.  Only then will I finally get to play with the green sashings.  It is hard to believe that yet another color gets thrown into this mix.  I wonder if a thread color exists that would help to tone this wild child down - maybe grey?


Mary said...

Susan, it is looking amazing. I like how you have broken it down. Great way to do that. I still have to work on mine. Yours is coming along so well.
Love it.

margaret said...

this is looking so good. Grey seems a very popular colour these days especially with the modern quilters groups. Personally I like dark colours to show the quilt off