Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - Multicolored Bookmark Progress and Next Project

This is a pretty simple bookmark pattern (it's even called "Beginner's Choice") from the book Tatted Bookmarks - Needle & Shuttle.  I thought it would be fun to do in a multicolored thread, instead of boring old white :).

Multicolored Bookmark
I made a couple of changes to the design, mostly because I didn't have the pattern handy when I came to the end of the row.  There are fewer picots in the arcs on the ends, and I joined all three picots on the end rings to the ones next to them.  But, it doesn't look like an issue to me.  Now I just need to work in the ends for my start and finish (at the upper left) and from fixing my mistakes (on the right end).

For my next project, I will be helping Grandma finish a tatted edging for a handkerchief. She said she was finished, but it looks like the handkerchief was a bit bigger than she expected.

Grandma's Tatting for Handkerchief - a little short
The pattern is not very complex, but I will be trying to imitate Grandma's stitching that is already sewn onto the handkerchief, so I will have to be careful.


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margaret said...

very nice bookmark and the hankie is going to look so good when completed. I am wondering about the book you mention, are the pattern instructions given in both needle and shuttle for each and every pattern if so I might just need to buy it as needle tatting patterns are not easy to find.