Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dear Jane - Patriot's Lantern Complete

It was wonderful to get back to Dear Jane.  I love these little blocks!  I prepared the applique for C-9, Jane's Tears, using the method described on Esther's Quilt Blog.  Instead of basting down the edges, she uses freezer paper and starch.  I sprayed a little starch into the cap of the spray bottle, then used a small brush to apply the starch to the edges before ironing.  This method works very well; with the edges staying crisply folded under after the freezer paper is removed.

Now I just have to stitch the applique to the ground.  I saved this hand-work for tomorrow's Blanketeer project day.  I also hope to make some serious progress on Grand Illusion tomorrow also.

I have already completed C-10, Patriot's Lantern.  This block has so much white in it that it was a mistake to use medium grey thread in the bobbin.  I think it made dark shadows along the seams, which make it seem slightly dirty.  That's one mistake I will not make again.

This paper piecing was so easy.  The outer edges do not have a single matching seam.  I just aligned the ends and sewed away. This block will not stay ironed.  The sides are not actually crooked, they are just curling upwards.

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margaret said...

these blocks are coming along so well, that is a useful tip re the starch. Especially like the Patriot`s lantern, the stitching is not visible to me but I know dark grey can be a problem, I just use the grey on dark and cream on lights but when both dark and light are in a block it is a pain trying to decide which to use.