Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Must crochet faster!

Grandma finished a second baby jacket and I hadn't even finished the first one yet.  I finally got the lavender jacket edged Saturday night while visiting with Grandma.  Her ribbon supply was getting low after making so many jackets, so Larry and I hit Hobby Lobby on our way to Shreveport and picked up a selection of pastels. 

There is always lots of yarn left (from two skeins) after making this pattern.  At my suggestion, Grandma combined the pink and variegated yarns to make this darling little jacket.  I edged all around the top, arms and front with the variegated yarn, which was then almost completely used up.  I edged the bottom in the pink.  

I really like how mixing up the edgings unifies the design.  I had just enough yarn leftover to make a little variegated rosette to pull it all together.  I think this pink jacket might be my favorite one yet.  It was certainly the most fun to work on, and it definitely doesn't look like it was made to use up leftovers.

Larry and I are just a couple of enablers.  We made another trip to Hobby Lobby after we got home to buy more variegated yarn for Grandma.  Now she can use up more partial skeins.  I think there is more crocheting in my future - at least I have gotten much faster! 


margaret said...

such pretty little jackets, Grandma is keeping you busy and so good that she can still crochet so good to have a hobby to keep her alert etc and I can see from the photo she loves doing it, go Grandma go!! She is one amazing lady

Hilachas said...

What lovely jackets. And it's wonderful to have your Grandmother crocheting with you.