Sunday, September 13, 2015

Six on Sunday - Week 18

This weekend, we turned our focus to our pantry, which had gotten terribly disorganized.  We neglected to take a "before" picture, but we did take a snap of the stuff we decided to throw away or empty out.
Pantry Items to remove (utensils not included) - weight not recorded
We are keeping the utensils in this picture, but all the boxes, cans, and contents must go! There are probably a month's worth of Six on Sunday items here, but we'll just count them as a day's worth.

We also neglected to capture a weight for these items, but it was heavy enough to split a lawn-and-leaf trash bag!  We had to quickly get a second bag around it to keep it from spilling everything onto the kitchen floor. And get out the vacuum cleaner to clean up what did.

After pulling out all the items on a shelf (keepers and trashers), we cleaned off the shelf, then took some thought as to how to restore the keepers in an organized fashion.

After Picture - a lot tidier
We still need to pull out the stuff on the floor of the pantry, sweep it out, and restore it after a thoughtful sorting.