Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dear Jane C-11, Soldiers and Sailors Monument - in Progress with Curved Seams!

This is a tough block.  I have never worked with curved seams before, and the quarter circles of C-11 have a really tight radius.  I drew seam lines on both sides of the curves and used lots and lots of pins.  I started pinning in the center, and used a guide pin to place each subsequent pin.

I had to be careful to stay on the line on the reverse side too, and to ease in the seam just enough for it to lay flat.  This was a huge pain. It would have been much easier to applique.

The results were OK, not great, considering all those pins.  I found that I had snipped too deeply on the first few seams, and the curve pivoted at the snips, messing up the smooth contour of the line. Oh well, live and learn.

The backs lay nice and smooth, and most of the wrinkles ironed out nicely.  :)

The center circle is definitely going to be appliqued; I just have to finish prepping the circle.  The purple circles in the batik seem to line up beautifully.  I'm hoping that illusion will distract from the imperfection of the seams.  

More yellow sections will have to be fussy cut out of the batik (which was barely yellow at all) to edge the block.

I'll be glad to have this block complete so I can start work on the nice simple paper-piecing block that's next.

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas

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