Saturday, September 19, 2015

Baby Jackets and Hospitals

Grandma has hit a rough patch health-wise, and had to go to the hospital on Friday.  They packed her hand-work (but no clothing) so I was able to finish her latest baby jacket for her while we visited her there.  Isn't it cute?  This one is already spoken for.  We have not done a white one in awhile. 

Grandma is doing pretty well (really exceptionally well for 103) and should get to go home on Monday.  She had a nasty infection, but the IV antibiotics seem to have gotten it under control pretty quickly.  She was much happier after her doctor allowed her to remove the (really tight) compression stocking from her sore ankle. 

I told the nurse that Grandma learned how to crochet in 1916 when her family was quarantined when her father had smallpox.  She could not believe it.  How many people alive have actually seen smallpox?  It was eradicated in the US in 1949.  One hundred three is really old.  Remember baby Sybil on Downton Abbey?  Grandma would have been old enough to babysit her!