Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trinity Valley Quilt Show - Three Grand Illusions

I made a flying tour of the Trinity Valley Quilt Show this past Friday, right before we left for Shreveport to see Grandma in the hospital.  I knew she would not begrudge me an hour at the show before our visit.  There were lots of beautiful quilts, including three of Bonnie Hunter's most recent mystery quilt, Grand Illusion - all three were in the original color scheme, and all three were properly attributed to Bonnie.  I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pictures, all I had with me was my phone.

Here is the winner of Best in Show.  This appliqued beauty was made by Peggy Sympson and quilted by Dawn Smith and Karen Denny, pattern "Baltimore Liberty" by Pearl Pereira.

I just love the elephant and the donkey, and the quilting is fabulous.

This might just be the most beautiful eagle I have ever seen.

The first Grand Illusion, called "Grand Delusion" by Beth Rhodes, quilted by Dawn Smith, won an Honorable Mention in the Masters category.

I just loved "Forever Blooming" by Sally Brown, quilted by Susan Corbett, pattern "Forever Blooming" from P3 Designs, which took second place in the Masters division.

What a gorgeous quilt!  I love the basket.  And just look at how wonderfully the background was quilted by Ms. Corbett.

The tall larkspur(?) is really striking too.  Ms. Brown stated that it felt like this quilt had "at least one million appliqued pieces... at least it felt that way."  I'm sure it did, but what an awesome accomplishment.

Ms. Brown also said she made all but the lilac sashing using only her stash.  That must be some stash!

There were many beautiful appliqued quilts, including this showstopper called "Promise of Joy" by Kathy Crane, quilted by Sabina Thompson, pattern "Hearts and Tulips" by Margaret Docherty, which took third place in the Artisan category.  I have Ms. Docherty's Little Brown Bird book, a copy of which took Best in Show at the Dallas Quilt Celebration several years ago. Magnificent!

Ms. Crane said this was her first appliqued quilt.  And just look at all of Ms. Thompson's pebbling.  That must have taken ages and ages to do.

Here is another of the Grand Illusions, made by Jan McCoy, quilted by Delores Talbot, called "Not Your Sunday Picnic" because "it was a real challenge to make."  Amen, sister.  I hear that!

And here is the third Grand Illusion, made by Barbara McClellan, quilted by Susan Corbett, called "Grand Obsession".  I think I can related to that name too.  This GI took second place in the Artisan Large Pieced/Machine Quilted division.

This beautiful Judy Niemeyer pattern called "Golden Harvest," pieced and quilted by JoLynn O'Neil, won an Honorable Mention in the Masters Small Pieced/Machine quilted category.  I just love her striking color choices.

This Christmas quilt by Bernina OESD called "Magic in the Air," made and quilted by Deborah McFatridge, won an Honorable Mention in the Artisan Digitized category.  What beautiful Christmas colors.

This crowd-pleaser by Java House, called "Oh Howly Night" was made and quilted by Jenn Haxton.

I love the raccoon:

And the wolf:

And especially the rabbit!

"Oh Howly Night" won the N.Q.A CJ Award of Merit for "Outstanding Achievement in Quiltmaking".  I should think so. If you were wondering, N.Q.A. CJ stands for "National Quilt Association Certified Judge."


Jo in TAS said...

I love "promise of joy" do you know where I could find a pattern? tried google but I can't locate it.

Jo in TAS said...

Doh! It was Hearts & Tulips i love and I found it, adding it to my wish list for a one day project :-)

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