Monday, September 14, 2015

Dear Jane - C9, Jane's Tears, and Grand Illusion Sashings Complete

These "Tears" were fun to applique.  Lots of nice, smooth curves and only a single, not too pointy, point. I finished this block while chatting up a storm at the project day last Friday.  It is always nice to have some handwork to do in a group setting.

I never did get my sewing machine out of its carrier on Friday since I spent the rest of the afternoon pinning the halves of the Grand Illusion sashing together.  If you remember, Clue 3 took me a really long time to complete.  I also had neglected to iron about three quarters of the many many required units, so I had to do that first before I could start pinning.  I used Sheila's vintage Shark brand iron and was it ever nice and hot!

I completed the next task on the Harlequin-Johnny setting triangles last night.  The triangles are now edged in red and the scallops have been neatly trimmed.  They look SO much better, but I do not have pictures of them yet, so that will have to wait until Wednesday.

Happy quilting!
Susan in Texas

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margaret said...

when I saw the title I thought oh no Susan is in tears over her block!! but no another beauty completed. Loving all the green squares you are working on a girl cannot have too much green and hope to see the triangles with the red attached soon