Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - What I've been doing instead of tatting

This is what I've been doing lately instead of tatting.

Master bathroom shower floor
The floor of our shower in the master bathroom developed problems.  The "mud" or concrete under the tiles had begun to break down, making the floor uneven, cracking the grout and causing a leak. Luckily for us, the bathroom is over the garage, so it only dripped on the garage floor.

I tried to do a quick fix, which left the tiles uneven and the grout kept cracking loose. And, it only stopped the leak for a little while. 

Now I am attempting a more thorough fix, removing all the tile and the loose "mud" underneath, patching the mud, and installing new tile.  This is the patched mud, which still needs some smoothing and evening out. Then I can put down new tile, grout it, and thoroughly seal it.  Hopefully this will stop the leak for a long time.


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