Monday, January 19, 2009

Emerson White - Stop the Insanity!

I read the story of poor little Emerson White yesterday and I've been really mad ever since! To summarize: Emerson is a 2 year old girl from Colorado who has traveled to Nebraska for life-saving small bowel transplant surgery and has had nothing but one health set-back after another for months. She's been out of state so long that Colorado no longer considers her a resident and is discontinuing her Medicaid insurance. Unbelievable! Despite the fact that Colorado has no treatment facility for this sort of operation, despite that her father still works and lives in Colorado, despite that her bedroom in her house is in Colorado, and despite the fact that she will certainly DIE if she goes back now, she's not considered a resident of the great state of Colorado. How shameful is that? Who are these people? What are they thinking?

I've written four letters so far asking Colorado to reinstate her Medicaid status and I'm encouraging everyone to do the same. All the details are here.

They really shouldn't get quilters riled up like this. We know all about doing the same thing over and over again, and we've only just gotten started on this!

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Barb said...

You are riled up...and with good there a senator you can call or harass?