Friday, January 9, 2009

International Siggy Swap

I'm very late in keeping my promise to post these siggies, but here they are... finally!

I just love Sara's funny kitty. I got a nice letter from her with the siggy. Her Christmas in Bellingham got completely snowed out, which was too bad. I hope she's not getting the horrible flooding that I've been reading about! Sara told me that she first heard about the International Siggy Swap through my blog and she has swapped with one person in each country on the list. How about that! My blog is performing a public service!

Teresa's whole family are fire-fighters, which her fabric choice really reflects. Love that fire truck fabric!

Margun's fabric looks just like the batik I used for the Friendship Stars quilt I just completed, only with swirls instead of circles. Her hand-embroidered owl on a limb is so detailed and well done. It's one of my husband's favorites - he just loves owls.

Kristine's siggy reminds me of the little fabric postcards that I've seen being blogged about. I love the colors and the somewhat more abstract design. The silver swirls of metallic thread are integral to both the design and construction of the siggy. Nice!

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