Sunday, January 18, 2009

Favorite Spray Adhesives

Gail asked me on Friday what basting spray I use and I couldn't remember the name of it, so I thought I would post pictures of the two sprays I've been using. For quilt basting I use June Taylor Quilt Basting Spray in the big pale blue bottle. This size bottle will spray baste 3 queen sized quilts. You're supposed to open the windows and protect the floors when using it; I open the windows, but I've been lazy about covering the carpet and I've gotten away with it so far. 8-) I really like it for stippling because it makes the surface of the quilt very flat and firm, yet completely washes out in one wash cycle.

The small bottle is what I use for everything else. Sulky KK 2000 is absolutely wonderful to use with Thangles. I'm also going to try it the next time I have something to applique; I think it will work very well at that too. No fumes and no overspray worries at all. It only lasts a few hours, then it's completely gone. I covered my work surface with paper, and initially the paper was a bit sticky, but in a few hours the stickiness was gone, no residue at all. Neat stuff!

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Barb said...

That would be great for applique (the small bottle) thanks for the tip.