Monday, January 19, 2009

Secret Pal Stuff - January

It's been so much fun gathering little oddments and gifts for my secret pal. I've never had a secret pal before and I'm really enjoying it. I would love to share pictures of everything I'm giving her, especially the stuff I'm making, but I'm afraid she'll see it and it will spoil the surprise. I know she has a blog of her own; I've seen it. She's probably visited my blog as well. What's a girl to do? I know others have been in this situation before. How did you handle it? Here's my solution:

Can you tell what it is? Any guesses? I never twirled an image before; it was fun! I'm going to take pictures of everything I make, disguise them somehow, then at the end of the year I'll have a *reveal day*.


Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Susan... Thanks for leaving me a note on my blog... Yes, it is cold and the collage you are thinking of is right around the corner from is in Highland Road... Not sure of the name...Still getting use to where things are... Take care..Jean M. in WI :)

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Good morning Susan.... The picture you posted is a couple of materials you swarled... I hope I am right and how did you do that?? I love it... Jean M. in WI :)