Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stash Tracking 2009

Here's a hilarious new acronym: SABLE - Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectency. I'm getting very close to SABLE and I want to step away from the edge while there's still time. lol Soooo, to that end I'm going to track my stash level for 2009. Not the total current amount, that would take forever to figure out, just the in's and out's. I want to see the number go down this year, as I plow through my UFOs, WISPs and dreaded WIVSPs (works in very slow progress).

I thought, "Oh, this will be easy, I haven't bought anythi.... oh wait; yes I did. Dang! I forgot about that one - how much was that?" The road to SABLE is sooo easy!

Let's see: 1.75 yards of denim for the denim quilt (and is denim ever *hard* to match! Who knew?) And 2, no wait, 3 fat quarters. And all I've used so far this year was the pink binding on my last quilt and nibbles from several fat quarters to make a pincushion. Say 1/4 yard total. Sigh. OK, so that's: 2.125 - .25 = 1.875, which, I believe, leaves me up 1 7/8ths yards for the year. So, I'm going in the wrong direction. Not good.


Barb said...

soooo funny, you have been sucked into the stash bin....

Carolin said...

too funny, I'm not doing any math on my fabric stash, I'm pretty sure my husband would not let me out of the house if he new how much I actually spend...

clare said...

Hi Susan , good luck in my giveaway.
Clares CRaftroom

Jennie said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog... Marengo is east of Rockford on Rt. 20, at the intersection of Rt. 23. I am about 40 miles NE of Byron. I can see the steam from the stacks from my house on clear days!

Carolin said...

Thanks for the hints with quilting, I will definetly try out the quilting cloves...

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I knew it would help to post a blog about that, I drives me insane, that the state is doing this, the family is struggeling engouh won't you think!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we don't get that far into fabrics as you have. The prices are so high here it is protecting you against it. But it I need anything the prices are also delaying purchasing it! LOL!
Feel happy you do have so much! I thought I had much....Fat Quarters!