Thursday, January 29, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Ten things about me that few people know:
  1. I change my mind a lot; no wait, I guess I don't.
  2. I love sushi; I was 45 before I knew fish tasted better raw.
  3. My feet keep growing.
  4. I'm a control freak; no wait, everyone already knows that. I have OCD too.
  5. I love abstract art; if I never see another picture of bluebonnets again it will be too soon.
  6. I have never kept a quilt that I made myself; I love making quilts.
  7. I'm afraid of hot air balloons; this is probably irrational.
  8. I'm very afraid of bears; I think this is perfectly reasonable.
  9. I haven't been able to learn to tat yet; it always goes to knots.
  10. I have the rarest blood type of all, AB-; I better keep my organs *nice*.

Five addictions I'm not afraid to own up to:

  1. My husband; he's verrrrry nice.
  2. Collecting stuff: art, fabric, patterns, books, art supplies, sewing notions; lots of stuff.
  3. Rescuing and restoring old needlework; I love to make it live again.
  4. Channeling my OCD into alphabetizing my spices and organizing my stuff; I find this more useful than obsessive hand-washing. (In fact, sometimes I dip my chip twice!)
  5. Creating stuff: quilts, needlework, art, music, dinner, even large boring technical documents at work.


Mary Ann said...

I'm with you, Susan!!! It's FUN to organize stuff!! LOL!!!
Thanks for commenting on my DJ!
I'm going to hand-quilt it...
that should probably take another five years!!
Mary Ann in Denmark

Barb said...

Will you come and organize my spices???? Love your comments... I have already put 3 enteries for my ugly quilt giveaway.