Saturday, January 8, 2011

French Braid Quilt Update

I finished all of the quilts that had somehow taken precedence over the French Braid quilt I started last fall. It's not a difficult technique and I was able to get four braids done quite quickly.

I worked on all four braids at once, one color at a time. This worked well because I could chain stitch the four braids while ensuring I got the braid order correct at the same time. Braids are not at all hard to make, but you have to be very precise with your seam allowances or they'll get all wonky. Mine all turned out to be exactly 32" long and the centers line up nicely, so I guess I was careful enough this time. 8)

I inherited pink, green and blue colorways in similar fabrics that seem destined to be french braid quilts too. I plan to update progress on these quilts each Saturday, or "Quilterday" as my husband keeps calling it - lol. Hopefully that will keep me on track to finish one a month.


Mary L. said...

Great job. I've always been intimidated by this one.

Barb said...

I just love these...beautiful.

Annelies said...

That look really very beatiful !!