Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I hate Pinch Pleats!

Once upon a time, I thought making pinch pleat valances for my kitchen windows was a good idea. This was before I had actually made any pinch pleats. I finished the valence for the large triple window, but the one for the much smaller kitchen sink window has languished, crumpled in a drawer, for years now.
As you can see, it's almost done, except for the pinch pleats, and there are only five more to do. I've given up trying to make them perfectly even, perfectly spaced and perfectly sewn. Completely. By this time next week, I'm going to have five more slightly askew, somewhat lop-sided and unevenly sewn pinch pleats done, but by all that's holy, they will be done!


Jo in TAS said...

and no-one will even notice that they're not even!
Thanks for the Peppermint Bark recipe

martha said...

That's right up my alley. I have bought two different sets of fabric to replace the curtains in my kitchen but still they sit in my sewing room. Because I hate grommets.

Barb said...

Upi are doing a great job!!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

LOL! I share your sentiments!! I HATE pinch pleats with a passion. You'll never notice if they are slightly off...just get 'em done. Give me a quilt any day!!

It'll feel GOOD to get that done for sure! Congrats. pat yourself on the back.

Hugs, Jacqui in Canada