Monday, January 10, 2011

English Garden Sampler Update

Remember the list? I think I'm almost done with March of last year. lol I wasn't entirely idle though. The peacock's body is nearly complete and I've gotten lots done on the left border.

Some stitches on the peacock's body require a special blending filament, which I appear to have lost. I'll have to either find where it walked off to, or source it from somewhere else. (This may be what distracted me from this project last year.)

Well, I tried monthly updates last year, and that didn't go so well. Perhaps regular Monday updates will be just the shove I need to keep moving on this behemoth.


Annelies vdB said...

It is such a beautiful sampler !

Barb said...

Oh wow....looking wonderful!

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Susan... What a beautiful hand work... I know what time you have spent in your stitchery... I have never done stitchery on linin before... I am sure you will have a big sigh of relif when it is totally done... Lovely jog... :)