Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Jane C-3 - Rayelle's Fence - In Progress

I think Jane Stickle must have liked checkerboard blocks as much as I do, there are certainly plenty of them in her quilt.  Rayelle's Fence looks huge right now, but I am sure it will tighten up when it is all sewn together.  I love this buttery/egg yolk color.  Yellow batiks tend to be either very bright or almost brown.  It is difficult to find nice yellow, medium-tone batiks; I wish I could find more.
Dear Jane C-3 - Rayelle's Fence
I am trying something different with the paper-piecing of this block.  It is practically a religious tenet that you do not sew past the lines when paper-piecing.  Even if I am as careful as can be, at times, my pressing causes the seams at the end of the stitching lines to go a bit crooked, which causes the final squares to be a little off-square.  In the hopes of preventing this inaccuracy, I over-sewed all the seams on this block,   The proof will be in the final squares; we will just have to wait and see.

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas

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