Sunday, June 14, 2015

Six on Sunday - Week 6

It is a small stack this week, but I feel like I am giving up an old friend.  That green "purse" went everywhere with me since 2004.  I remember buying it at a sporting goods store in Flagstaff, Arizona, on our driving trip to the Grand Canyon.  I wanted a hands-free purse for the trip.  I liked it so much that I never switched back.  It is time to let it go; the buckle and one of the zippers had broken.  My short stack might be a complete pitch pile this week:  the elastic is totally shot on the red shorts, and the white and dark turquoise tops have holes in them.  The blue sweatshirt and the light blue top might be worth donating, but only just.

4 tops, 1 pair shorts, old purse - 3.5 pounds
There is no sentiment in Larry's pile.  He has lost weight so does not snore very often at all anymore, so we can let go of the CPAP machine.  We are still awash in tote bags; the slipper socks are worn through, and he has two nice belts that are better than any of these three worn out pieces of leather.
CPAP machine, old computer bag, old slipper socks, 3 belts - 9.25 pounds
We are both still enjoying the purge.  The clutter just holds you down and holds you back!

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