Sunday, June 7, 2015

Six on Sunday - Week 5

The closet purge continues.  I found five pairs of slacks that were no longer sparking joy in me, and an old sound generator machine. It would generate a variety of soothing noises and slowly taper off to silence, allowing you to drift off to sleep to the sound of ocean surf, or gentle rain. Larry used to snore a lot, and this would help drown him out.  Seems like it developed problems with the sound selection, and we stopped using it.

Five pairs of slacks, sound generator - 7 pounds
After a thorough cleaning of his closet, Larry found two pairs of shorts and two pairs of slacks that are now too big (yeah!), as well as a carry-on bag, and an old gimme tote from a conference his mother attended.

Two pairs slacks, two pairs shorts, carry-on and tote bag - 9 pounds


swooze said...

Finding any empty spots in there?

margaret said...

I thought I hung on to old clothes but not as bad as you! This clearance seems never ending!