Saturday, June 20, 2015

Harlequin Johnny - Bow Ties Completed

This is a very late post, but I did manage to get all twenty-five of the Harlequin-Johnny bow-ties completed.  Next round, I will put on the other two "ears"; the time after that - 100 inset seams.  If I am not an expert on inset seams after that step, then I will have to take a class or something.  lol
Harlequin Johnnie - Bow Ties
As promised, though, tomorrow I go back to Dear Jane.  I will be starting the third row, with C-3 because the first two columns are already completely done.  It is turning out to be very helpful that the order in which I am doing the blocks makes the rows and columns shorter and shorter.  Even though it is only a block or two fewer, it seems to make a real difference having that head start.

Happy quilting!
Susan in Texas


Annelies said...

You did a great job !!

margaret said...

these look spot on good luck with the inset seams rather you than me.