Monday, June 1, 2015

Dear Jane H-2 - Jacob Anthony

The Jacob Anthony block is almost complete; however, I have not yet appliqued the remaining triangles outside the diamond.  I like how this one turned out so far.  (I know, I know, I say that for practically every Dear Jane block; I must really like batiks, or something!)  

H-2  Jacob Anthony
The soft browns in this fabric work well in this block.  I decided to avoid most of the really pale tan and all of the dark grey to achieve the desired calm look.  Since the fabric has lots of the brown, I just cut a long narrow strip and edited the fabric from there.

Batik selected
I think I will use this batik again as the background for an appliqued block, then I can leave in some of the grey and tan.  It is nice to use the same batiks in different ways so the blocks coordinate without being matchy matchy.

I bought an entire bolt of white muslin to use on Dear Jane, based on the DJ list recommendation of 20 yards for foundation piecing.  I have been cutting off about a yard at a time and using that up before cutting more.  The second yard is down to a small scrap after about 44 blocks and four triangles.  I should have some yardage left, even if I use the muslin for the backing.  I wonder how they came up with 20 yards?  I do not think I am being that careful, and I have certainly made plenty of cutting mistakes. 

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margaret said...

block looking good, 20 metres sounds far too much never mind I know you will find ways to use it,