Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - Edgings

This week I am switching back to tatting.  I am not giving up on crochet; I still have a lot to learn, and I'm sure that it's one of those things that only gets better with lots of practice.  

But I don't want to forget all about tatting either.  So I am working on a short piece of Edging #2 from Elegant Tatting Patterns (Janet Carroll)

Edging #2 - Just a couple of repeats

This is a pattern where you work one direction until you have the length you want, and then stop and work back to where you started. The final result looks like this.

So far, I have done the first row and just started on the second. This is done with weight 30 thread, and it seems like it will turn out a bit heavy for a handkerchief.  Does anybody know what would get an edging like this? Are there general guidelines for thread weight and pattern width for different uses?


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margaret said...

this is a pretty edging, maybe it was used on tray cloths etc.