Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dear Jane I-2 - Kaye's Courtyard

This simple little block gave me no end of trouble.  In the first place, I made all three checkerboards exactly the same.  I had to pull a white end off of the center slice and replace it with a green end on the other side.  As if that was not bad enough, I stitched a tiny little wrinkle in one of the seams, then sewed a green "ear" onto it before I noticed.  That only took me two tries to correct.  lol Honestly, it is surprising it turned out as well as it did.

I-2  Kaye's Courtyard
It was hard to decide between two scrap batiks for this block. Since the corners are so large, I had considered fussy cutting a green batik with large diamonds to showcase the diamonds, but in the end, I decided to go with something simpler.  No fussy cutting for this one, except starting with the darker, more mottled end of the scrap.  


Mary said...

Looking Good. I love all the batik's you are using. Do you have any of it put together yet? It is going to be beautiful.

margaret said...

Dear Jane is coming along so well. Anything green and/or batik gets my tick as green is my favorite colour and all batiks appeal to me

Terry said...

Love your batiks. Your Dear Jane is going to be beautiful!