Sunday, June 21, 2015

Six on Sunday - Week 7

Larry cleaned out under his sink.  His contribution is a basket of Buffy's grooming items.  Little Buffy has been gone nearly ten years now, and we have been pet free ever since.  I can go Larry one better. The sweatshirt on the bottom of my pile was a present from my mother-in-law from when our Saint Bernard, Bucky, was alive.  My MIL has been gone ten years, and Bucky died on the 4th of July in 1996!  The sweatshirt was always too small, and I am pretty sure it never sparked any joy; but it was personalized, so I hung on to it for over twenty years, which is completely nuts!

T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirt -  4.5 pounds
Pet grooming items - 1.25 pounds
This is sad.  It has been seven weeks now, and it still is not hard to find stuff to get rid of in my closet.

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margaret said...

wondering with this big clear out whether anything new is creeping into your near empty wardrobe.