Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - Crocheted Edgings

I am gradually branching out in my crocheting.  Last week, granny squares; this week, edgings.  I started with a larger yarn and hook, and worked on a pattern from one of my grandmother's crochet books while I was in Shreveport visiting last weekend.

Crocheted Edging - Yarn and D/3 Hook
Looks more like a tiny tiara than edging, doesn't it?  I think I am beginning to develop a better feel for how tight to work. Previously, my stitches were so tight that it was hard to get the hook with the thread back through the loops!  Now I am finding it easier to make the stitches, and it is faster, too.  I finished the piece above in an afternoon, while Susan and Grandma took a nap!

Having improved working with yarn, I was eager to try something much smaller to work with.  Here is the same pattern (if I am remembering it right - Grandma still has the book in Shreveport), working with 50 weight thread and a size 10 hook.

Crocheted Edging - 50 wt thread and 10 hook
You can see the shells in the pattern appearing. This is a lot trickier, but I can see how the looser stitching applies to this level as well.



Barb said...

I admire anyone who tats...just amazing

margaret said...

you are certainly coming along at a rapid pace, good to see you using both wool and finer thread too

Mary said...

I would say you are doing very well. I found some edgings my aunts have done. So pretty. Fun to see them gracing other projects.