Monday, May 18, 2015

Grandma likes her new Chair

We visited Grandma in Shreveport again this weekend so I did not get too much done on Harlequin-Johnny.  When we peeked into her room, we found Grandma snoozing (very soundly) in her new chair.  Do not let the sleeping frowny face fool you, she actually likes her new chair just fine.

They replaced Grandma's bed with a hospital bed a while ago and put her bed in storage.  Recently they told us we had to get it out of there, so we rented a Home Depot truck and moved it to the old house right before the rains started.  Perfect timing. 

Grandma said she wanted her old chair removed too, but we convinced her that she needs to keep it around to have a spare lift chair available in case one breaks again.  I promised her I would work my redecorating magic to make the chair fit in her bedroom after it is repaired.  What she does not know, is I am planning to have all her dolls sit on it.  She loves her dolls, and they are currently all on a corner table; this will be much better.  All in all, it will be the perfect end to chair-pocalypse.


margaret said...

she is well away in dreamland

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I want to be your Grandma....:)) I love my dolls too, but they are all stashed away...