Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dear Jane F-2 Kaleidoscope

I was a little sorry to see that one of the most fun DJ blocks, F-2, Kaleidoscope, turned out to be one of the brown blocks.  I only added a brown trip around the world to add depth to the quilt to keep it from being too wild.  I selected the jolliest brown batik I have to keep it from being too, well, ... brown.

F-2 Kaleidoscope
It took me almost as long to fussy cut this colorful batik as it did to paper-piece the block, but I love how it turned out.  Putting the final two halves together was a different story; alignment took forever.  I had to take a single stitch by hand at the very center, and it still did not line up perfectly.  I find centers like this notoriously difficult to work with.  I did manage to spin the seams at the back to reduce the bulk, so the block stayed nice and soft.  

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margaret said...

this looks so good, working on such small blocks is far harder I find. Have given up on doing the Dear Jane quilt due to size of blocks and not enough details for me to understand, have masses of other projects though so will have plenty to do