Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - Progress

I was going to post today about finishing my Hearts Bookmark project, after correcting my mistakes in a previous post.  However, I haven't made a lot of progress since last week. All I've managed to do is put one set of the top arches on a heart, before making a new mistake.

Little Progress
I'm certainly seeing firsthand how crochet is a lot faster than tatting, and unbelievably easier to undo mistakes!  So far I have already started with a little practice piece to learn the basic stitches.

Learning basic stitches
And I've started a project (a bookmark - what else?), beginning with a long chain and double crocheting back in what I hope will be an interesting pattern.

Beginnings of a bookmark
I will try to keep up with my tatting projects better, as well as explore my new hobbies.


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