Sunday, May 10, 2015

Introducing Six on Sunday - Week 1

Like many people, our house is crammed full of stuff that we do not need.  In the interest of minimizing the hoard, Larry and I created "Six on Sunday".  Every Sunday for the indefinite future, each of us is going to select six items that can either be donated, easily sold, or thrown out in the upcoming week.

I decided to start with six old pairs of shoes.  I wear tennis shoes every day to work and I have to get a new pair when my feet start to hurt.  I kept one old pair for gardening and my current new pair; the rest can go.  The slippers and the flip flops are completely worn out junk.

Six pairs of shoes - 7.25 pounds
Larry has a more eclectic mix of items.

Pair of shoes, 2 pair too-wide jeans, 1 pair too-short jeans, lunch bag and water bottle 8.25 pounds
An uncluttered environment is supposed to help release creativity. If the growth of storage facilities is any indication, "Six on Sunday" should become the next national passtime.  Make the commitment! We are working on a "Six on Sunday" badge that you can grab and put it on your blog.  Help us make the world a better place.  Join us in eliminating clutter!  


margaret said...

how I love a sort out, have been making a stash of things to find new homes for, not found much that is only fit for the bin though.

Nanci Stokes said...

Good for you Susan! I always think that if something happened to me, and my daughter or husband started clearing up my stuff, they would wonder why I had all this stuff, so over the years, I have been pretty brutal with culling and of course the downsizing to the cottage has been a huge eye opener. We now live so much more simply and really we realize that needs and wants are so different as we live here. Good posts to read and are entertaining too. It has been so long for me to catch up on all the blogs. regards, Nanci.