Monday, May 25, 2015

Harlequin-Johnny - Ironing Completed

The one hundred "ears" of Harlequin-Johnny are now all put together, and my DH, Larry, has taken it upon himself to iron them for me.  I started to add the centers to make the fifty "bow-ties", but I decided to move on to Dear Jane instead.

Ironed pieces for Harlequin Johnnie (and Leaders and Enders)
I got so many half square triangles completed while working on the "ears" that I had to cut some more black fabric to make more leaders and enders.  Larry very kindly ironed those too.  I am so lucky, not only is he becoming an accomplished cook, he says he does not mind doing the simple, but time-consuming, ironing tasks that I hate either.  I guess I chose well 30 years ago today!

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margaret said...

congratulations on your anniversary and many more to come. How good to have a DH to iron for you. Have decided against Dear Jane, have had the book about 3 years but cannot work up any desire to get going, think the size of the blocs puts me off, do prefer them at least 5"