Saturday, May 30, 2015

Singer Restoration Saturday - Bentwood Case

I think the bentwood case is just about finished.  A little buffing, perhaps, and then begin putting the hardware back on.

Model 99k Bentwood Case
Along with the bentwood case, I have been refinishing a small table that we brought home from my father's house.  It had sat on the patio exposed to the elements for quite a while, and then I used it as a support for painting.  As you can see, the original varnish was essentially gone, and several scratches had been gouged into the top, Then I dripped paint (regular interior wall paint) on it.

Table Top View - Before
Table Legs - Before

Using an orbital sander, I removed the paint splatters, old varnish, and weathered wood. I also sanded out the scratches, as much as possible without leaving dips and valleys in the wood.

Next, I rubbed on a Minwax stain and varnish product to put some color back in the wood.  
Table Top - Progress

Table Legs - Progress
I would like to get the table nearly as dark as the bentwood case, and use it as a display table.  But I don't think the table is taking the stain quite as strongly as the case. When it is as dark as I can get it, I will put on a nice tough polyurethane to protect it.  And then not leave it on the patio any more.


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margaret said...

you have certainly brought this back to life, and the table looks lovely too a good place to show the machine