Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Jane G-2, Mohawk - Lesson Learned

Jane got me again.  After I had completed all four paper-pieced strips I tried to put them together according to the picture in the book. No matter how I shifted the pieces, it would not work. Uh oh, this block was supposed to be mirrored.  Rats!  I wish I could tell just by looking which blocks require mirroring, but I do not seem to have that skill.  I guess I will have to consult my favorite Dear Jane resource more regularly.  This block stays; after all, I am not making a replica quilt and Mohawk turned out nicely.

I made Mohawk out of long strips of a red batik that Larry pulled out of a scrap basket in Wisconsin last Christmas.  Yesterday's Kaleidoscope was from yardage.  Just look at this crazy batik.  I love it so much!  I had to really work at it to locate the best brown veins, but it was lots of fun.

I want to do a blue block from this fabric as well.  Just look at all those yummy blue sections.  It would showcase really nicely in a block having a strong central focus like C7.  The C row is right around the corner; progress is being made.  

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas


margaret said...

your blocks are coming along well, love that batik such glorious colours

Mary said...

That piece of batik is so cool. :Your quilt is coming along. Are you putting the top together as you are going along? I need to get mine out and work on it. Soon!!