Friday, May 8, 2015

Grand Illusion - Clue 4 Complete and the Great Chairpocalypse

Finally done.  Larry helped me tremendously doing all the pressing. He says he likes to iron.  (I warned him how picky I am, but he was very brave.) 

We had a massive crisis in Shreveport today.  Grandma's lift chair, which she lives and sleeps in, broke.  They had to pull the plug to get her out of it.  We ordered a new chair, since she cannot be without one for more than a few hours.  Her wonderful friends, Edie and Tom, picked up and delivered the chair.  All is good, right?  Wrong. Larry called Grandma, she hates the chair. Apparently it operates too fast for her.    

To make matters much worse, ten minutes after Larry got off the phone with Grandma, I get a call from the nurse.  The new chair broke.  Just kill me now.  Grandma is fine, she just slid out of it unhurt.  La-z-boy in Shreveport agreed to send someone out right away, (thank you Jesus).  Robert, the repairman, was able to fix it, (thank you again, Jesus).  Apparently something just has to be pushed back into place.  I made sure Robert trained the nurse and Grandma on how to make this fix before he left.  God willing, chairpocalypse is over.

So much for the quiet weekend at home in Fort Worth.  I feel like a limp noodle and it is not even Saturday. 

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margaret said...

how distressing with the chair, good that you got a new one but must have been a shock to fall out. Hopefully she will get used to the speed of this one and all will be well. Blocks looking good now get sewing them together or are you like me, put them in a box for a while before you go any further!