Monday, May 4, 2015

Grand Illusion Clue 4 - Progress

I worked on clue four of Grand Illusion this weekend while we were in Shreveport visiting Grandma.  So far, three fourths of the half sections are done.  I just have to assemble the yellow-turquoise-white sections, then, of course, I have to fit the halves together into broken dish units.

Assembling Units
None of the half square triangles were the correct size, so I did lots of sliver trimming.  These colors certainly makes a pretty pile of trimmings.
Slivers Trimmed
While we were in Shreveport, Grandma was interviewed by the Shreveport-Bossier magazine.  People are fascinated by folks her age (103).  Grandma was cute and funny as always, though we had to keep reminding them to TALK LOUDER, because she is profoundly deaf.  I look forward to reading the article, but it will not be published until next month.

It was too bright for Grandma outside, so she borrowed Larry's hat. Time to get out of the sun!


Terry said...

Your Grandma doesn't look to be close to that age...WOW!!! I hope I look that good at 70. She looks like she would be lots of fun :) Anxious to see your Grand Illusion.

Mary said...

Your Grand Illusion is looking good. I started cutting fabric for the half square I love the colors for this quilt Got more things cut for the Summer Solstice quilt. Going to work on it tomorrow. Great job on yours.