Saturday, May 2, 2015

Singer Restoration Saturday - Bentwood Case Refinishing

The Model 99K that belonged to my great-grandmother included a bentwood case. The case was generally in good shape, but had collected a lot of nicks and scratches over the years.

Bentwood Case Base
Bentwood Case Top
To begin the process of refinishing it, first I removed all the hardware.

Front of base
End of base
Top and inside of base
Bottom of base
Scratch on one end of top
Then, I began to gently sand off the old varnish, and sand out the nicks and dings.

Front of base - Sanded

End of base - Sanded
End of top - Sanded

I can already see that I will have to be careful with some of the deeper scratches (like on the end of the top) --  I don't want to sand through the veneer and have to replace it all!  Once I get it all cleaned up, I will sand it again with a finer grit, then re-stain it and spray on a tough overcoat.  

More to come.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

How nice to have your Grandmas machine. I gave my Grandmas to my daughter, but it didn't have the wood base. This is really nice.

margaret said...

great restoration happening here, must check out what singer my daughter has got from her grandmother. Tempted to buy a featherweight I saw last week, if till in the shop on tuesday it means it is meant for me!

swooze said...

Well darn Larry. I may have another project for you! Lol