Thursday, May 7, 2015

Grand Illusion

I have been plugging away at clue 4 of Grand Illusion.  The first set of broken dishes make for a very long chain.

My units are coming out nicely, though they all need to be pressed. They might look a bit wonky, but they are all very close to the right size.  All that sliver trimming counted for something!

I have started work on a paper prototype of a stand-up needle case. I still have to determine how tall I want it to be, then figure out how to make the top work out correctly so it comes together nicely.  I will have to put my thinking cap on for that part.

I started the needle case with a hexagon base because I have six types of needles that I regularly use:  embroidery, sharps, betweens, tapestry, chenille, and millinery.  I think it would be nice to have a separate place for each needle type.

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margaret said...

plenty of broken dishes you have there, good job they are not china ones! The needle case sounds a great idea, I try to keep mine in some sort of order but it does not seem to work