Saturday, May 16, 2015

Singer Restoration Saturday - Bentwood Case Progress

Continuing to restore the bentwood case for "Dollie", the 1992 Model 99K that belonged to my great-grandmother.

Front of case top
The first coat of stain went on rather unevenly, and it seemed to raise the grain on the top.  Not too surprising, since it had seen some damage over the years.  

Before restoration
I sanded gently to even out the darker areas, and then very gently overall to smooth out the raised grain. The second coat went on much better, although I can still feel the grain raised again here and there.

Front of case bottom
The big scratch on the end, as expected, remains an issue.  I doubt it will improve much.  I'll have to see what can be done to camouflage it. 

Big Scratch - Before

Big Scratch - Current
The wood filler I've used to fill a couple of gouges is not taking the stain as much as the wood of the case.  I will have to touch it up, or even try a darker flavor of wood filler to get a better match.

More later,


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barbara woods said...

how do you unfreeze a old machine, some one said karosine but that kills me not spelled right but you know what i mean