Friday, February 20, 2015

Dear Jane B-3 Mirror Image

I wonder if Jane put Mirror Image next to Sweet Potato Pie for a reason? They are so much alike that it seems strange she would put them adjacent by accident.  Speaking of accidents, neither B2 nor B3 came out particularly round.  Especially considering I pulled them taut around a circle template, basted them into a circle, basted them to the ground, then sewed them down. You would think I would have tamed them into nice sweet circles after all that, but no. They're not awful, just sort of... lumpy.  Oh well, better luck next time.
B-3 Mirror Image
I concentrated on collecting purples the last few trips.  Some of these batiks are not very purple at all, but they're more purple than they are anything else so they landed on the purple hanger.  I'll have to do lots of fussy cutting to keep some of these so called "purples" in the near vicinity of the actual color purple.  I'm going to try, but I probably won't be able to use all of them. Having them all together like this is a very useful design tool; I can see whether or not they'll play nicely together.  Some of them seem very pink, orange or red amongst their fellow violets and grapes.

I really love batiks.  It seems like I have tons of them, but I'll have to make about 25 squares/triangles out of each color way.  I'll have to re-use the same fabrics for many of the blocks.  I'm just planning to keep the ones made out of the same fabric well away from each other. I'm sure there will be plenty of variety!

In the meantime, all good wishes to my blogging buddies in the paths of tropical cyclones Marcia in Queensland (especially Kris in Toowoomba) and Lam in NT.

Happy quilting!

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Terry said...

Nice job on all the curve pieces...they give me fits!!!