Friday, February 27, 2015

Siggy Catch-up Post

My DH did an inventory for me and identified that I had never blogged about these siggies.  How remiss of me!  I love the little french mouse too; the year on that one cannot be right, can it?  2010?  **blushes**

This dear little kitty came all the way from Germany.  I remember this one.   I believe Martha swapped siggies along with her mother, if my memory serves me correctly.

And here is that rarest of animal, a siggy from the United States. That's not really true, lots of people swap siggies here in the States, but it seems like the Netherlands is very over represented, especially considering the small size of the country.  Of course, Annelies van den Bergh in Huizen ran the swap for years until her health forced her to pass it off to someone else last year.  When I received this siggy I had never even been to Florida, but we have since had a lovely trip to Fort Walton Beach in 2013.

Now this is a quintessential Dutch siggy.  I would say Renske really knocked this one out of the park.

Arianne chose to alternate her "ears", which is unusual and rather striking.  I like it!  I suppose that "607" in the lower corner means this is her 607th siggy.  Wow.  That would be about enough for a king sized quilt, wouldn't it?  I don't know how many I actually have.  I should do a counting someday; heck, I should actually make these into a quilt.  What a radical idea!

I remember Jos just loved penguins.  I thought this siggy was very cute.  Doesn't it look as if the penguins are holding hands?  I love her beautiful blue fabric too, and the way she has made it swirl is very nice.

I have one more bin to check to see if I have any additional undocumented siggies.  I'll have to scrounge through it and see what I can find.

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Mary said...

As a result of the siggies, Isabelle, the first siggie you showed, we have become friends. We exchanged blocks in 2012 and made Bonnie Hunter quilts.
Time to get my big siggy quilt made.
You have some neat ones.