Monday, February 16, 2015

Dear Jane K-1 Crooked Creek

Crooked Creek gave me no trouble at all.  It was a nice, straight-forward, paper-pieced block, and those long verticals keep it from being the pinning nightmare it might otherwise have been.  Thanks, Jane!  I like this fabric too.  It's a nice true orange, with lots of interesting things going on.  Orange is one of the color ways I'm really trying to stretch.  I want to use everything from vibrant orange to orange brown, to pale yellow orange.  The last thing I want is the orange "trip" to stand out like the outline of a yield sign in the middle of the quilt.

I'm enjoying being back in blog land.  I could go into a poor pitiful Pearl litany about real life quilting buddies, but I'll spare you the drama.  On the bright side, it makes heading off to my solitary sewing studio very pleasant; maybe I'm just too much of an introvert.

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